Dr. Tova Ganzel

Dr. Tova Ganzel


Dr. Tova Ganze of interest is prophetic literature in the context of the larger ancient Near Eastern world. She has published on Joel, Haggal received her PhD from the Department of Bible in Bar-Ilan. Her broad areai, Isaiah with a specialization on the book of Ezekiel. Tova was the Director of the Midrasha at Bar-Ilan University and is one the first trained women’s halakhic advisors (Yoatzot Halacha). Her Book Destruction and Restoration in the Seer’s Prophecy: Studies in the Prophecies of Ezekiel was published in 2012 [Hebrew] and 2020 [English]. Her recent research focuses on the prophetic literature, ancient Near Eastern temples and Second Temple Period texts, specifically on Ezekiel's temple vision in its Neo-Babylonian context. In addition, she has also engaged the issue of the Jewish reception of biblical criticism and addressed various aspects of this topic, from the eighteenth century to the present, in a number of studies, and was the primary editor of The Believer and the Modern Study of the Bible, edited by Tova Ganzel, Yehudah Brandes, and Chayuta Deutsch, Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2019.  Expanded version: Jerusalem: Beit Morasha, 2015, 2016 (second edition) [Hebrew]. 


Dr. Tova Ganzel, is the Director of the Midrasha in Bar-Ilan University, and one of Nishmat's first trained yo'atzot halakha (women's halakhic advisors). She completed her PhD in the Bible Department at Bar-Ilan University (2005). A former Tikvah Fellow, she is the recipient of a number of other prestigious academic awards and grants, published over 20 articles, book chapters and encyclopedia entries and is the author of A Visionary's Oracles – From Destruction to Restoration, Studies in the Prophecies of Ezekiel (Tevunot-Herzog, Alon Shvut 2012).