About Us

The Midrasha is the premier and guiding institution in the area of Torah education for women. Its aim is to assist students in the development of their spiritual identities through the acquisition of a solid foundation of knowledge and experience in all areas of Torah study, and in the synthesis of all the areas of religious and academic studies. This ideal, the foundation of studies in the Midrasha, is seen in the synthesis of sacred and secular studies, the in-depth study of Torah in conjunction with striving for academic and scientific excellence. This is the true fulfillment of the verse “Know Him in all your ways.”


The attempt to bridge our understanding of sacred and secular leads inevitable to questions and difficulties, questions of science and religion, the individual and her role in a post-modern world, the role of the “other” in Judaism, and more. We are here to offer students religious studies at the highest intellectual level, in order to help students in their personal spiritual development.


The Midrasha offers courses in Tanach, Oral Law, Jewish Law, Agada, Jewish Philosophy, and Chassidut.


Our wide range of courses in all areas of Jewish studies introduces students to the richness and variety of approaches to Jewish studies. The basic program for students at Bar Ilan includes a requirement of seven courses in Basic Judaism and the successful completion of an exam in Basic Judaism. These requirements can be fulfilled with 14 of the courses offered at the Midrasha during a student’s three years at Bar Ilan.