The “Metivta” Program


The “Metivta” Program – Headed by Dr. Meirav (Tubul) Kahana with Rabbanit Naomi Shapira as a student advisor.


The “Metivta” Program – Designed for students interested in comprehensive shiurim and independent Judaic studies (Tanach, Gemara, Halacha, Jewish Thought, Midrash, and Hassidut). Students of the Program are required to take 8-10 weekly courses throughout the academic year, including Havrutot and (Seder plus Shiur), participation in the Metivta Seminar (8 evening classes throughout the year on Mondays at 20:00), and a Metivta Shabbaton.

There are two different Metivta Program tracks:

  • 10 yearly courses entitles students to a scholarship of 10,000 NIS and a partial living expenses stipend as per the Ministry of Education's regulations.
  • 8 yearly courses (or 7 courses for students studying certain science degrees) entitles students to a scholarship of 8,000 NIS.