The Midrasha Library is a library of Jewish studies and includes books in all areas of Judaism: Bible, Oral Torah, Halacha, Agaddah and Philosophy, as well as books in related fields: Jewish history, Hebrew language, history of the Land of Israel and the State of Israel and Hebrew literature. The library contains more than 15,000 books and periodicals.

 The library has a reading room for quiet self-study, where the main book collection and lending desk are located. The reading room has a seating area, tables with electricity. In addition, the hall has six computers and a printer for students to use.

In addition to the reading room, there is the Beit Midrash hall, where classes are held in Havrutot or in groups, as well as various classes and events for the general public. The sources in the Beit Midrash are a basic collection, adapted to the study that takes place there.

The library has a special section for books on Judaism in English.

Library Location

The Midrasha Building 405 - First Floor
Reading Room - Room 105

Beit Midrash - Room 106

Opening Hours:

Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed 9:00 - 16:30

Thu 9:00 - 15:00

On days when there are no classes

Sun-Wed 9:00 - 15:30


For information, advice etc., you can contact the library by phone: 03-5317891

or via email to the library manageress, Mrs. Sisi German: