New in the Midrasha- The Safra Program

The Safra Program, which opened in the Midrasha this academic year, is meant for students that have previous background in learning the Oral Law , in order to allow women to deepen their learning and contribute and be part of Torah discussions. Therefore, the program has classes that have preparatory session where the students learn sources in Havrutot , by themselves in the Beit Midrash. In order to allow students studying for advanced degrees to participate, the classes are concentrated into one day (on Wednesdays , with extra classes on Mondays). The classes are given by Rabbis and Rebbetzins who teach a wide range of subjects. 

Adv. Rav David Bass, explores the issue of conversion, which appears in many different places in Tractate Yevamot. This controversial issue is still relevant today and allows the students to delve into a serious topic, which helps them further comprehend the world of our Sages. According to Rav Bass, via this issue, the students experience the dilemmas that our Poskim faced , with the dichotomy between written texts and the oral tradition and with the complex reality .  


Rav Meir Lichtensteins' shiur also based on Tractate Yevamot focuses on the commandment to be fruitful and multiply. During the learning, the students see the original sources of the Tanaim and the Talmud , whilst taking into consideration marriage, relationships and family, which are the basis of the Halacha and the human aspects discussed in the halachic ramifications.  Rav Meir Lichtenstein elaborates "the discussion which is found in the Rishonim and Acharonim , gives the students a deeper understanding of the subject along with tools for learning Gemara and Rishonim".


For those who want to have a deeper understanding in Halacha, Rav Aharon Katz, The Head of the Halacha Kollel in the Machon Gavoha L'Torah,  is teaching a Shiur in Shabbat Laws, for the second year .  This shiur is meant for women with a strong background in learning Gemara and Halacha and is based on learning the Tur, Beit Yosef and Shulchan Aruch while tackling subjects that are relevant in our day and age. The women who learn in this shiur are given source sheets to prepare beforehand. Rav Katz hopes that "for the students, this shiur will be a strong foundation for learning halachic subjects that are relevant for the Jewish home".

Dr. Naama Sat's shiur is also in Halacha and explores the Sefardic answers in the modern Responsa . The issues that they learn are ones that resemble the ones studied in an in-depth lesson, and discusses the different issues from Even Haezer of the Shulchan Aruch. The shiur is comprised of basic learning of the Halachic background of the issue at hand followed by the study  of the Responsa. According to  Dr. Sat, "the purpose of the shiur is to see the Halachic reasoning together with the Meta-Halachic, the junction between the halachic ruling and the circumstances it was given in , and comparison with other Poskim – Sephardic and Ashkenaz".Our hope is that the outgrowth of this program , will be more women that will join the already growing circle of studious women who will be complete partners in future Halachic discussions and in fulfillment of their tasks in  life .