The “Etnachta” Program


The “Etnachta” Program – Headed by Mrs. Osnat Braverman-Shilo.

The “Etnachta” Program is designed for women who have completed their National Service (Sherut Leumi) or Army service in Israel, and are interested in a year of Midrasha studies while they prepare for their academic studies. While studying at the Midrasha .

Program participants can also prepare for their academic studies by completing their matriculation (Bagruot) exams

and taking their Psychometric (equivalent of S.A.T's) exams. The year they spend studying in “Etnachta” enables the students to make educated decisions regarding their

future academic pursuits, explore the various academic departments at Bar-Ilan, and consult the relevant departments about their choice of degree . A special emphasis is placed in "Etnachta" on social activities, experiential learning, volunteering, joint Shabbat programs and more. “Etnachta” credits may be used for the BIU standard requirement of completing Basic Judaism courses for those women who continue to learn at the University.  Program students may also apply for a stipend.