Rabbi Yaacov Ariel



קורות חיים - קובץ for cv please press here


The Chief Rabbi and Av Beit-Din of Ramat Gan since 5750 (1990) ,the Head of the Hesder Yeshiva in Ramat Gan and the Deputy head of the Rabbinical association in Israel, president of the Committee for Torah and the Land of Israel as well as president of the Zohar rabbinical organization. He is a regular lecturer of the Ratzon Yehuda Kollel in Petach Tikva as well as in the Hesder of Ramat Gan. He teaches in Bar-Ilan University, in Orot College and in Talpiot College. He is the head of the Torat Haim committee in the Ministry of Education  as well as heading several Shmitta committees  in 1994; 2000-1; 2007-8